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PostSubject: New Research   New Research EmptySat Nov 12, 2016 5:33 am

So we all know that IC is often accompanied by other diseases such as IBS, Fibro, and CFS just to name a few. A new study came out in october and the link will be posted below. Anyway this new study is in the Journal Nature and they took groups of family's that had some family members having some of these diseases and they had other healthy family member controls. They did multiple tests on them including genomic tests and they were looking for commonalities between the diseased family members genes to see if they all shared one thing in common between all these interrelated diseases. They did find that the diseased family members had increased copy numbers of the tryptase-producing sequence on their alleles in their DNA. Otherwise known as hereditary-a tryptasemia. Apparently this is strongly connected to mast cell activation and subsequently inflammation and the symptoms these people are seeing.  This is HUGE news for not just IC because our condition is primarily due to mast cell activation and inflammation. This very well could be the possible cause we have been looking for which is why I knew I needed to let the research team here know about it. I will post the link to the study in the Journal Nature below as well as a forum article that thoroughly explains the technicalities of the study.

Study: http://www.nature.com/articles/ng.3696.epdf?referrer_access_token=kkD-p2pE8cDDL5CD1Ld3HtRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0OLzluKQm19ggXVIEhkOhCoL5WeqBE-2NbzNX250zrSY6saf84ClYXe5QCd6Ml8cJXVyO3IwXe2Fg4xQ2imE5j1rUq84b2v8A1zoVGfzqLaTQJ6z9dgZGnPiDeryqKtlDpJVhh0NIkqcozh-yfwtnAdAN6giFaq71aut6Qsm1ZpgBrmjA3KjU2o7jzSbKd1fITd17-KdARtzZXFDf1hWK-m_s7nJK205uewy3iCUhXEv-4EuCSglFcyFlC2qRO52P3zOWLHspxFbUdRoxJ54gYUnzdZRBr6uWpabZI8upyTKVnsbjROAiBKUZI-smYd7Cs%3D&tracking_referrer=solvecfs.org

Article post explaining study: http://wames.org.uk/cms-english/2016/10/could-one-gene-help-explain-mecfs-fm-pots-ibs-eds-ibs-and-others/

This stuff is extremely new (last month) so there have not been copious amounts of articles written about it.

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PostSubject: Re: New Research   New Research EmptyWed Feb 01, 2017 1:33 pm

Thank you Joseph, this makes sense to me. I stopped zertec because it simply put me to sleep and I could not spend my day and night sleeping, but my IC symptoms increased. I have just started taking Claritin and have noticed a slight improvement. I am to scared to take above the recommended daily dose but do wonder if I did if symptoms would improve further.
As someone with zero medical knowledge I can only work on logic, I do wonder if eating the wrong thing, and having a reaction is due to irritation of the nerve cells, which may be irretated due to an over load of mass cells.
Slowly - very slowly things are emerging, that one day may see a cure to IC.
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New Research
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