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 Acute Infection v Chronic Infection

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PostSubject: Acute Infection v Chronic Infection   Acute Infection v Chronic Infection EmptyFri Dec 09, 2016 6:09 pm

In July Martha Foster posted about biofilm infections, so I thought I'd post this here.

This youtube talk is with Randy Wolcott who's a world expert on treating biofilm infection in wounds. He explains the behaviour of bacteria in biofilm infections and how this is different to bacterial behaviour in acute infection. He explains there are two ways bacteria behave ... they go in and kill (planktonic), or they go in and maintain, colonise, feed and continued to grow (biofilm). Biofilm is what's involved in cystic fibrosis lung infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis, wounds and prostatitis. I'm sure eventually there will be many, many more unexplained conditions to add to this list....

This goes for 25 mins and won't be prime time viewing for everyone.

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Acute Infection v Chronic Infection
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